Meet The infertileAF Speakers

We know you have been on the edge of your seats WAITING TO KNOW who will be representing this amazing summit and SPEAKING their amazing words to YOU!

You had questions...Hell, WE questioned the crazy at times, but we have been running at the speed of light to MAKE SURE we secure the cream of the crop. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so proud of this lineup. From adoption, surrogacy, donor embryos, to walking away from treatment, we got you. We also have two people still cycling and one who got the “easy” result. 

The taboo, unspoken, and hardAF pieces of each journey will be revealed, and perspectives you’ve never thought about will give you the opportunity to empathize with everyone. Our founders are already changed by this. Forever grateful we said yes even though most thought it couldn’t be done.

We’ll laugh, we’ll connect authentically, we’ll better understand one another. We will heal in community.

IT'S TIME, FOLKS. IT'S TIME. Discounted tickets are now on sale for the InfertileAF Summit.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is the line-up for our April Event.

Meet Mimi! Mimi hails from Michigan and is in the midst of IVF treatments. Her hilarious perspective breathes new life to the triumphs and failures of her journey. Her inspiring voice makes her a perfect fit for this summit.

Meet Erin! You may have seen Erin on social media or in the news recently as she welcomed her miracle baby via surrogacy after years of heartbreak and failed cycles. She will be discussing her perspective with growing a larger following amidst pressure to find success with a third party (and best friend!)

Meet Danielle! After a heartbreaking negative IVF transfer, Danielle found success through adoption. Danielle is an advocate for the importance of open adoption and fostering relationships between adoptive children and their birth families. 

Meet Lindsay! This two-time best selling author found twin-success through IVF. She is re-defining how she shows up as a trauma wrestler; a hot-headed, imperfect human; and an IVF and abuse survivor. It's not easy work but it's worth it.

Meet Melanie! Melanie is from Chicago and currently in-treatment with IVF. She has faced success and loss head on. Melanie seeks to elevate this taboo topic with humor, grace and heck of a lot of honesty.

Meet Tia! Tia went toe to toe with six years of fertility struggles starting with genetic issues and ending with miscarriage. She chose to walk away from IVF as a family of two and is thriving despite what society may think. 

Meet Elena! Elena found success with her miracle daughter via donor egg after years of heartbreak with multiple rounds of IVF. Elena hails from the outskirts of IL and is currently in the process of adding to her family with another round of donor eggs. 

THAT'S QUITE THE LINE- UP, wouldn't you agree?

Stay tuned as we highlight each speaker more in-depth in the days leading up to the summit.


(And remember, the DISCOUNTED EARLY BIRD RATE FOR TICKETS expires very, very soon.)