SOLD OUT with 126 Attendees!

On March 18th, 2019, six weeks after Lindsay and Tia started collaborating to turn a pipe dream into a reality, the InfertileAF Chicago Summit has SOLD OUT for a SECOND TIME!

Tia estimated a dozen women around a dinner table.
Lindsay told her to dream bigger.
We took the plunge and signed a contract with a hotel, hoping we would be able to sell 50-60 seats.
Eight days later, we hit max capacity and sold out 75.
That evening, Tia went back to the hotel and begged for more space.
We were given 50 more seats.
Yesterday, 18 days after we re-opened ticket sales?
We SHUT. IT. DOWN. again.

126 women and men from ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES will be arriving April 27th for a day that is guaranteed to transform their ideas with Infertility and empower their lives for the better.

The community has responded more positively and with more excitement than we could have ever imagined, and this, my friends, is only the beginning.

You need a voice of reason, no matter where you are in your Infertility Journey.
This summit is the answer.

This summit is dedicated to those in the wait, after loss, with a baby or two or three in your arms, who are child-free non-mom's, fur-mom's, angel-mom's, and those that walk with their infertile friends and family.

Just over six weeks away. WHO. IS READY!!??

PS - Add your name below to be added to our waiting list!