Summit Speaker Highlight: Danielle Haluska

As we countdown the days until our first annual InfertileAF Summit, 
we will highlight one speaker each Friday. 
Six weeks to go!
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Our spotlight this week is Danielle Haluska.

Danielle Haluska is passionate about sharing her story of infertility and adoption. While no two stories are the same, she feels strongly that her story can provide hope and faith to those that find themselves in similar journeys. 

After a heartbreaking failed IVF cycle, Danielle felt defeated and worn down at the thought of never becoming a mother. 

It wasn’t until her husband rescued a baby bird that changed their path to parenthood. 
For Danielle, it wasn’t about DNA or needing to experience pregnancy, but rather being a mother, so her and husband pursued adoption. 

Danielle is an advocate for the importance of open adoption and fostering relationships between adoptive children and their birth families. 

She feels lucky have a beautiful story to share and attributes her strength throughout her journey to having found a strong faith and learning to trust the plan. You can find out more about her journey at