Summit Speaker Highlight: Melanie Coy

As we countdown the days until our first annual InfertileAF Summit, 
we will highlight one speaker each Friday. 
Three weeks to go!
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Our spotlight this week is Melanie Coy.

Melanie is still very much in the throes or fertility treatments, but has found her voice and shares her positivity in the community among all the chaos. Cycle after IVF cycle, completing injection after injection, she has kept going while fighting to stay true to her roots. Although it is not always easy to be vulnerable, she continues to share her story in the hope to help others (the 1:8) find their truth. Melanie seeks to elevate this taboo topic with humor, grace and heck of a lot of honesty. You can follow her journey on Instagram (@mellycoy) or on her blog, With Love Melanie.