Sponsor Spotlight: Pulling Down the Moon

Today's feature is our Platinum Summit Sponsor, 
Pulling Down the Moon, with co-founders Tami Quinn and Beth Heller.

We are thrilled to welcome Tami and Beth to our stage at the InfertileAF Summit.

Pulling Down the Moon is a revolutionary holistic fertility center that has changed the standard of care for women experiencing infertility. 

Beth Heller struggled to conceive which fueled her interest in yoga and fertility. Her interests led into deeper practices of breathing, meditation and the work of bringing yoga practice “off the mat” into daily living. She entered teacher training at Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago where she researched and wrote her thesis in 2001 on yoga practices to restore fertility. She also began work with anayurvedic physician who suggested changes to her diet and life habits. Eighteen months after her first miscarriage Beth conceived again, had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy that ended with a sad surprise, the stillbirth of a daughter at 38 weeks due to unknown causes.
It was in that moment of loss that Beth learned the real value of the yoga she had been studying. In addition to calming and balancing her physical body, the practices of asana, breathing and meditation had provided her with an inner stability, or peace, that she had not recognized until that moment. This peace allowed Beth to grieve the loss of her daughter fully, keep an open heart and have hope for the future even in the darkest hours. Shortly after the loss of her daughter she founded Pulling Down the Moon with fellow yogi Tami Quinn.
Tami was called to this work after a 14-year career in the corporate world, most recently with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where she spent 8-1/2 years in advertising and marketing. Struggling to find balance between career and family, Tami turned to yoga and discovered ancient healing techniques that not only helped with her stress, but also provided tools to help live a more balanced life. These tools also gave her the courage to leave the corporate world and the financial security it represented. Remembering her own difficulty in conceiving her twins, Tami knew these yoga tools would be meaningful for women experiencing similar challenges.
Learn more about Pulling Down the Moon on their website, or follow along on their Instagram page (@pullingdownthemoon)