Summit Speaker Highlight: Founders Lindsay and Tia

As we countdown the days until our first annual InfertileAF Summit, 
we will highlight our speakers each Friday. 
ONE week to go!

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The spotlight this week are the InfertileAF Founders: 
Lindsay Fischer and Tia Gendusa


My speech is unlike any I've given before now. In fact, I consider it a challenge to every person in the room:
To gently look at their current actions and decide if change is necessary. 

When Tia and I set out to create this summit, we wanted to change the conversation around infertility. As that's a lofty goal, we both provide unique perspectives about what needs to change or, at least, what isn't being said that needs to be said to help us reframe the toxic patterns embedded in the community. 

I hope when I speak, people hear the call to action and feel empowered by it. I hope they make the choice to truly step up to the plate and embrace everyone. I hope that - once the summit is over - the message resonates so far and wide into the community that we all see a lasting ripple effect. 

Healing happens in community and we need one another. 


What I have found in my research in regards to different Infertility summits in the United States, is there is no inclusion of the women and men that choose to move forward from fertility treatments without children.

By excluding a large majority of the Infertility population, society is creating a stigma that we non-moms and dads of the world are not worthy to share our perspectives as to why we chose the path we did.

My goal is simply this; to start talking about it.

I am urging our community to take back the power we are giving society by allowing our lives to be swept under the rug, and start embracing how amazing our lives are now that we have come full circle from fertility treatments and are choosing the best path for us.

The child-free need a loud voice and I am humbled to lend mine.

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