Words From Our Founders

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tomorrow is the big day! The first annual InfertileAF Summit is kicking off tomorrow as we wrap up National Infertility Awareness Week. 

140 women and men will push aside fear and show up for this mission and, more importantly, themselves.

140 souls will be challenged to believe that Infertility is a valid part of our lives, not a minimizing label.
When we set out to create this summit, we pushed one another to dream bigger. Each step of the way has brought different challenges, but the support we’ve given one another through it, the feedback and late nights and quick fixes, have all serendipitously come together as if this summit has always lived within and outside of us.

Our mission – to bring together a community that feels silently divided by misunderstanding – has been questioned by some, but we think it’s important to reiterate the point of this event is healing through our connections, not our differences, because our similarities and bonds are where true progress comes from, not the many paths that could divide us.

We have taken every step toward this dream with great thought and care, but also with the hope that the beautiful souls who share themselves with us on April 27th understand we are challenging them to be honest and vulnerable, while also compassionately listening to others to find better understanding and support one another. 

If you speak without listening, what do you actually learn? 
And if you listen without speaking, how can anyone understand where you are?

It’s a big mission, but we are bigger and fueled by your voices shouting “YES!”

What a privilege this is.