Apply To Be A Summit Speaker!

Get out your fog horn and alert the masses, the summit speaker application process begins TODAY.

Who Can Apply:

If you were inspired at the first summit and thought, “Hey, I’d like to do that, too,” then we’re ready to hear from you! Or, if you were unable to attend but still want a shot at this, you’re welcome to apply.

Basically, applications are open to anyone who has ANY TYPE Infertility diagnosis, or has become infertile through lifestyle or medical circumstance, or has witnessed a friend or family member walk with Infertility, who wants to inspire others to think differently, gain community and understanding with their perspective. 

This is not a competition: while we want to know your story, our goal is not to figure out who had it worse.

What Do You Need:

The application requirements can be found HERE 

We are asking for a lot of information, some of which you might not have on hand today. That is why it’s important that you read the guidelines thoroughly, as soon as possible, to give yourself time to come up with the required information.

Will There Be Coaching?

Inexperienced speakers who are selected will receive some coaching from our Copyright Guru Lindsay and they will also be required to submit a full speech for her to edit, improve, and return. This will happen several times throughout the year to get you a full twenty-minute speech that will have impact. Lindsay will not change your story; she will help you tell it in more detail so that you draw in the audience.

How Many People Will Be Selected?

Each year, we expect to select 4-8 up-and-coming speakers from those who submit. .

What Are You Waiting For?

Go get the details on how to submit your application HERE.

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Lindsay & Tia