Join Lindsay's InfertileAF Diet Bet and Get your Groove Back

Crazy things happen when you post pictures of your stomach on the internet. Do you know how many people told me they could fix my issue with just a pill or some kind of oil? Seriously, I got quite a few followers who simply wanted to help me lose weight with their quick fix or magic potion.


When we decided to do this blog series, Tia was hesitant about this post. After talking, we agreed we didn't want anyone to feel sold to or misled by why we were doing this, but we also wanted to give people who felt connected to the issue of infertility weight gain to have the option of working within this community - as a team - to lose weight.

Resources are great. Community and companionship are, too.

Throughout the summer, we'll be showing you ways to connect with each other and us to improve your lives, if you want that for yourself in the way we are suggesting.

This is the first chance to do that.

If your waistline has been impacted by infertility, you know the guilt and shame associated with feeling like you just can’t get it together. You’re already frustrated because TTC is difficult. Why this, too?

I (Lindsay) gained 40 pounds through treatment, from Clomid to IVF, and then gained 40 more through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and I'm ready to get my body back to a place where my clothes fit and I feel like I can keep up with the rest of society. Because while my boobs might be a hot mess of the tube sock variety, the rest of my body might actually be able to bounce back.

I think you can bounce wherever you want, too.

No crazy cleanses or diet fads; it’s all about moderation and movement because - for me - that's the way to keep weight off. So, sorry new health coach followers: I aint buying your stuff. The thing is, instant gratification is a societal disease. We all want quick fixes and easy answers when they might not actually be what's best for us. So, I'm doing this the right way.

Slowly and steady shedding the weight AND the bullshit I tell myself about it.

It's time to let it go.

And I want you to join me, if you want to. Because - honestly - I do better when I know people are working alongside me. It's accountability and I perform better with it.

I will detail my progress (read: not perfection) here every Wednesday, but I'm also creating a Diet Bet for anyone who is interested. My goal is to show off my work at the inaugural Immersion Experience, to show you I support bodies of all types in swimsuits of all types. If you're healthy and happy, then you should definitely show off whatever you want.

When I said I was letting my ass hang out, I meant it. But here's the thing I want you to know:

I don't think anyone needs to lose weight. I do not want this to appear as if I am promoting a certain standard. This is a deeply individual choice you can or don't have to make, and it may depend on where you are in your journey. It's not my place or desire to judge you for choosing what's best for you. I just want you to know the option exists if you're ready for it.

If you're not familiar with a Diet Bet, it's a website where you attempt to lose a percentage of body weight during a chosen amount of time. Specifically for us, in the four week Diet Bet your goal would be to lose 4% of your starting weight. You bet money against yourself (NOT against others, this is NOT a biggest loser style contest) to reach your goal and, if you reach or surpass it, you get your money back and then a little more.

So, while you won't walk away rich, you will walk away with enough money in your pocket to invest in a pair of jeans in whatever size you need. And I'm not doing this in any way but focusing on food types that don't cause me to become inflamed and food moderation. Plus, we take the kids on a walk each night. I'm not going to go crazy with this. I'm just going to put one foot in front of the other each day because it's what I want for myself.

And if you go balls to the wall straight out of the gate, that's when I typically fail. Knowing this, I'm not setting that unhealthy expectation. When it comes to weight loss and beating the "I'll never lose it"s in your head, you can't set yourself up for failure right away. That is how we all fail.

If you’re interested in motivation from like-minded infertiles, join the InfertileAF diet bet. 

Invite your bestie or mom or neighbor because we’re better together.

Hey girl, I see you and think your ass is sweet just as it is, but if you want to work on it (#getittight), you can join the bet.

What are you waiting for, gorgeous? Our bet starts Monday, May 27th.