Protect Your Power This Mother's Day

As fellow Infertility warriors, the sting of a day dedicated to the sole reason we headed into battle in the first place can feel extra emotional, regardless of where you are in your journey.

A lot of times we may feel a sense scarcity even if we have earthside children, and alone if our children are unseen to the world around us.

Here at InfertileAF, we strive to make it known that your feelings and emotions are both valid and important. There is no comparison and no judgment. Don't dismiss any portion of your life just because it isn't pretty or picture-perfect. Lean into the uncomfortable feelings and take back your power by recognizing the less than pleasant feelings are as important as the stellar ones.

However, we do encourage you to take a step back and think about the opportunities a day like Mother's Day can create.

It's okay to preemptively or post-emptively mourn the loss or "never had" feelings associated with our Infertility diagnosis, but what if we were to take the energy we are pushing into the negative feelings and could spin them into something beautiful?

What if we could embrace our broken side and use it as leverage to connect with other like-minded women in our community, both in real-life and on social media?

Everyone eventually walks with trauma, but those that thrive find a way to focus on what's to come instead of what has happened.

We know that the societal majority will always be a force to be reckoned with. Especially when the majority have more advertisements, a larger niche, and entire days dedicated to them.

Our paths to motherhood and beyond are all valid and equal in the grand scheme of this day.
We must honor ourselves with the same respect we give to others.

We are not less than for our diagnosis.
We are not less worthy because motherhood didn't come easy for us.
We are not invalid because this is the trauma we were given.

Instead, we can use this label to recognize we were given an opportunity to fight with everything we can muster to attain the life we want to live.
We can recognize our individual strength for walking through the highs of success and the lows of loss, set-backs and failed cycles.

We are resilient and were given the hurdles we have because we are strong enough to find a way over them, through them, around them...whatever it takes to yield the life we dream of.

We are all mothers.
We see you, and you are bold as Hell for walking with us.