Save The Date: The Immersion Experience

Ladies, we are THRILLED to announce our latest and greatest endeavor. 

The InfertileAF Immersion Experience. Go Deeper. Embrace Bold.


Thursday, September 26th - Sunday, September 29th

And we plan to do exactly that.

This exclusive ALL-WOMAN retreat will take what we learned at the Chicago InfertileAF Summit and go further. 

Dive deeper. 

Get into the nitty gritty of our mental and physical wellness with a guarantee to leave you inspired and driven to take your life to the next level. 

In between we will enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals, center ourselves with private yoga and meditation and soak in the Arizona landscape (with time to dip into our own private pool on our own one-acre compound!)

Lindsay and Tia have both walked through trauma in their lives and have overcome their past to yield unlimited and fulfilled futures. 

Their stories are incredibly different and yet, their triumphs over mental and physical anguish shows it IS possible to not only accept your past, but use it as leverage to ignite an incredible future.


Lindsay is the empath with a penchant for finding the good in everyone and helping them believe in their own abilities. 

Tia is the literal goal-creator and goal-crusher to help people get out of their past and into their future.

Lindsay will get you talking and Tia will get you walking.

As a team, we plan to identify areas for improvement and set attainable goals for your current and future self.

We are the step beyond therapy, when you feel as though you have exhausted your current resources and are looking to take your life further. 

To be bolder and embrace greatness.

You deserve to live your best life and we want to help you realize your fullest potential.


Stay tuned for a complete agenda of this exclusive three day and three night retreat along with pricing options and discounts for those that attended the Chicago summit! 
(Hint: You will want to be signed up on our MAILING LIST!)


Finally, we MUST talk about how awesome the Infertile Mafia Podcast chicks are!

Kaela from the Infertile Mafia podcast (@infertilemafiapodcast) showed up at the InfertileAF summit to provide LIVE coverage of the viewpoints and feedback from the attendees and us, the founders, and (obviously) sling back a few drinks with everyone post-summit!

Normally, this amazing duo includes co-host Sarah, but Kaela wrangled another amazing local to work the crowd. (Next time Sarah!)

You know her on Instagram as Infertility Illustrated (@infertilityillustrated) and we were THRILLED with their coverage of the event and the promotion they are providing for us thereafter. We see an amazing partnership with them in the future.

Be sure to check out the Podcast link below!

HERE you will find the link to the InfertileAF Summit LIVE coverage!!

Don't forget to hop on our MAILING LIST!