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The infertileAF mission continues year round, beyond the annual summit and any other events we create. One way we’d like to let everyone get involved is by sharing the inspiring pieces of their stories on our website.

That’s right: we want you to share your story with our audience!

Welcome to the “Story to Share” series, in which the founders give readers and attendees the ability to speak their truth with the intention of raising awareness, empowering others, and furthering our mission of making sure infertility doesn’t define us.

Let’s get into the details:

Who Can Submit?

You, your spouse, your surrogate or donor…anyone! If you have an Infertility story to share, or are supporting someone going through Infertility, we want to hear from you. Yes, this definitely includes those of you who walk away from treatment without expanding your human family.

The one caveat?

Your mission is NOT to one up or compare, but to help others be inspired by your journey and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. How have you found success BEYOND the plus sign?

When Are Submissions Accepted?

All year round. We do require you to fill out a form, but there’s no deadline. We’ll keep these blog posts going up once a week for the entirety of the year, so up to 52 stories will be shared. If you’re ready to apply now, you can CLICK HERE to start.

Can I Remain Anonymous?

We’d prefer everyone to be bold and stand proud in their story, but we understand extenuating circumstances can make privacy important. If you feel your identity needs to be protected, please make sure you write that into your application. We are not mind readers and will not know this unless you make it clear!

What Information Is Required?

Full submission details can be found on the application HERE.

Send us your stories; we want to highlight you!