A Saturday in Sedona: The Immersion Experience

When we originally began planning the Immersion Experience, I (Lindsay) was adamant about spending some time in Sedona. If I'm honest, it's been on my must-go list for years, including while TTC. 
Ask anyone who has been and they'll tell you the city is special. Apparently you can feel it when you're there, and the city is actually promoted as a healing center. 
In Sedona, there are several vortex sites, locations believed to have a special energy that flows through them. Although vague, the energy created there is thought to be multi-dimensional and can interact with your inner-self, creating the perfect place to facilitate meditation (or prayer) and healing. 

There are lots of theories surrounding why these vortices exist, but I've never needed to do much research. Honestly, everyone who has been has said the trip was life-changing in some way.
During the Immersion Experience, after a full day of mind-body curriculum, we'll be spending the day in Sedona and experience this for ourselves. We chose to do this on Saturday for a couple of reasons:
1. After a full day of doing emotional, raw work on Friday, it felt like the next logical thing would be to allow everyone to have some time to themselves - in a special healing place - to implement learning and individualize their experience. 
Just as we've said healing isn't linear, there also isn't one way to use the information we're providing. So, participants get to digest it however they want. 
2. We also wanted this to be a private tour so we weren't paired with sightseeing strangers. 
3. The travel time will be guided but overly lenient to allow everyone a chance to chat, journal, or create gratitude lists and thought downloads. Every second will be utilized, but you get to have say in it.
Lunch in Sedona is the only meal that isn't included in your Immersion Experience cost, and will be on your own (with or without other attendees, whichever you prefer).
We'll also receive:
  1. a Live, guided tour of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona
  2. National monument admission fees
  3. Luxury round-trip Transportation
  4. Unlimited bottled water
Then, when we return to the house after a full day surrounded by healing energy, we'll enjoy the best meal of the weekend, prepared by a personal chef and their own crew.
Detours American West will pick us up directly from our house and bring us back, including a tour guide for the entire trip. To see more information on the excursion, check out their website.
Ready to join us on this trip, along with the rest of the weekend? It's definitely for you if you're ready to take your life from stagnant to statement-making. Learn more about the Immersion Experience and purchase tickets here.