I'm going to the Immersion Experience because I want to desire more than Motherhood

When we said we know this tribe of Infertility warriors is incredible, we whole-heartedly meant it.
When you find like-minded people who share the same passion as you, that’s where you feel seen and valued.

We have received anonymous, raw feedback about why attendees are taking the plunge into the Immersion Experience, and, quite frankly, their words have moved us in ways we could have never imagined.

September cannot get here fast enough!!

There is so much good work to be done. We are ALL IN on these women because they are braveAF. They give us life and continue to remind us we are better together.

Take a moment to read, please. This is GOOD STUFF, and who knows? You may see yourself in their words.

What was your initial reaction when we announced the details of the Immersion Experience?

My husband and I decided to take a break from treatment in March. Then we moved states and the break continued. At the time of the announcement, we had skipped 3 cycles. I know we are basically done. This has been rough on our marriage and I want to change my mindset.

What was your biggest hesitation with committing? How did you work to overcome this initial fear?

My initial hesitation was the cost and my husband's approval. I sat him down and explained why it was important for me to attend and we balanced our budget.

Where are you in your Infertility journey?

We are 2 years in after our first son was stillborn. We tried on our own for about a year and then did 6 medicated timed cycles followed by 2 medicated IUI cycles with a month break in between. We just had a conversation this weekend about finding a new doctor to go through further testing but our treatment cycles are most likely done.

Where do you feel most stuck in your life these days?

Getting over the desire to be a mother and feeling like I have no purpose. Also changing my views on adoption as my husband has expressed a desire to try.

What part of the weekend are you most excited about?

Meeting Tia and Lindsay who have been very inspiring and also going to the healing vortexes in Sedona.

If you could say something to another woman on the fence about joining, what words of encouragement would you give them?

I struggled too, but we are stronger together. Come and let's learn and heal together.

Struggling to make sense of life during or after Infertility? 
We get you, honey. Let's work it out together. 
Consider facing your fears head on surrounded by healing scenery and a tribe of like-minded women in Arizona this September