Share Your Story: Meet Morgan Clift

Welcome to the Share Your Story series on InfertileAF, where we feature women and men willing to boldly share their personal insight into their diagnosis or their journey alongside Infertility.

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Without further ado, please meet Morgan Clift.

Name: Morgan Clift

Age: 31
Location: Northern Kentucky

Give us your quick bio:

Mom of two, stay at home mom

What is your personal experience with Infertility?

My husband and I got married in 2013 and we’d been trying for a year already, he went to go get his swimmers tested and he has NONE! So he did 3 rounds of clomid with no change. 

We moved onto IVF, he had surgery and the next day we did egg extraction. There was a 50/50 shot we’d get non swimming sperm that could be put into my eggs, grow in a dish and then implanted. We had to guy donor sperm just in case, but to our surprise it worked! Talk about a lot of emotions. 

Our first round was a tubular pregnancy, 2nd didn’t take and then we took a year off. I lost 45 lbs and we decided against birth control for 2 weeks and went straight into shots.. and received our miracle. This is the nice story because, let me tell you, being the one that is fertile and shouldering everything can build a lot of resentment.

At your lowest point, how did Infertility impact you?

I struggle with depression anyways and it just made it worse. I still have a hard time accepting people get pregnant so easily and then we have to work so hard.

What was the turning point in your mindset? What helped you find happiness outside of Infertility?

I don’t know if there was a turning point.  I had talked with one of the InfertileAF founders that I never thought it wouldn’t happen and I don’t think I’d give up until it did and this page has just made me realize how amazing these women are who go through so much and are able to shut the door and live a happy life.

What actions did you take to help you heal?

A lot of therapy through the process

What would you tell other people facing an Infertility diagnosis?

Expect to be thrown a lot of info real quick. Take time to heal between rounds. Take time to talk and communicate, express your feelings to your doctor, find a tribe, start a conversation in the waiting room, use humor to deal with this. Don’t compare your life to others. Social media can kill your joy.

Tell your friends how to help they don’t know. Try a book club or something similar and converse about other things so it doesn’t overtake your life.

How do you views align with the InfertileAF Mission?

I talk about our experience. I share our doctors and I am not ashamed of our story. My husband is no less of a man because he was dealt this hand even though society would say otherwise. We are stronger because of our journey.


~Thank you, Morgan, for sharing you amazing words with our audience. 

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