The Immersion Experience is $398 Per Day


Not $3,000.

Not even close.

In fact, not even half of that.

I know most people are budget-conscious because I AM ONE, and I pride myself on being the budget QUEEN, so I wanted to dive into the nitty-gritty money details with you today.
It's one of InfertileAF's core values.

Keep reading, this is good stuff.

When Lindsay and I set out to create the Immersion Experience we knew what the VALUE of this type of long weekend would cost, should someone decide to coordinate and dive into something as exclusive as this ON THEIR OWN.

And we also know, as we both ventured into fertility treatments, that IVF is fucking expensive, and so is raising kids should that be included in your after with infertility.

So we took the total value of such an exclusive weekend and broke it down for you.
Let's walk through it.


1. Three days and three nights in a luxury vacation rental. 

The real-life value for this alone would be a minimum of $385 per night if you were to stay at any high-end hotel or private oasis. Add in tax and all those fun resort fees, and your total quickly becomes somewhere in the ballpark of $1,300

Your solo room is now MORE than the total cost of our Immersion Experience.

I could just *mic drop* and stop there, but we are offering so. much. more.
Keep going!

2. And you have to eat!

If you were to pay for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners during your solo vacation, the price would be roughly $450 on the conservative side. This does not include booze. 

Our Immersion Experience includes two chef-prepared dinners, one chef prepared brunch, and is inclusive of catered meals, adult beverages and snacks for (most) of the  weekend. There is only ONE meal not included, and we did this on purpose to allow you to have private down-time. 

3. Book private Meditation and Sunrise Yoga

Setting intentions for a wellness weekend is awesome self-care. Paying for it is not. Especially if  you were to hire them to teach you privately. And wouldn't that be weird to do at a hotel? Maybe. Two 1-hour sessions would be $200 (don't forget the tip!)

We went to bat for you and negotiated the shit out of this private wellness inclusion.

4. Hire a private coach for three days

You are stuck and are seeking guidance and coaching from someone who gets it because they have done what you are doing and have done it successfully. You are looking for help; a cheerleader in your corner, and a strategist to help you make sense of these feelings of inadequacy and provide a game plan for your future.


Hiring someone like that, solo, would EASILY be $850 (or more!).

We bring not one, but TWO coaches, the yin and the yang in both personality and tactic to provide a well-rounded conclusion to the Immersion Experience. We can't wait to share our life experiences, trauma resiliency and future focused thriving, one on one, with YOU.

5. Finally, you want to take an excursion and see some amazing, serene, healing scenery.

So, you book a group guided tour with a bunch of people you don't know and don't want to be around and are shuffled like sheep from one touristy destination to another. 

That's one way to do it, and you're still stuck paying $200 or more for that experience.

Or, you choose to be picked up at your private oasis doorstep, with your private guides and your new friends who you just spent the last 48 hours fully immersed with. You witness the healing vortexes of Sedona on your own time. You choose how to spend your day, and you are taken care of the entire time.

Which option would you choose? I know which option I want (hint: I'm not too keen on random people)

6. Your solo vacation is over, but the coach you hired doesn't include follow-up

You think you're on the right track, but what if you fall back into old habits? What if you have questions? You have to hire them AGAIN just to get help? What if they aren't available? What if you just want a bit of extra support?

Lindsay and I got you, honey. For the next three months following the Immersion Experience, we are dedicated to you and your success.


Stuck on something? Email us.
Need to chat? Let's chat.
Looking for tools to help track progress? We will set you up with the goods.
Have questions, concerns, need new ideas? We got you.



We guarantee you will depart Arizona feeling:
  • Heard: to use your voice in a powerful way in every day interactions
  • Seen: to stand tall and proud in both your decisions and conversations
  • Validated: there's nothing like surrounding yourself with 24 other women who understand exactly where you are
  • Relaxed: Yes, there is a lot of hard work, but there's also downtime to relax and enjoy yourself, to have a glass of wine or nap and reflect. You get you time, too.
  • Determined: Using our tools for knowledge and support, you will depart Scottsdale with your best foot forward.
  • Empowered: three immersive days will jump-start your confidence to start implementing changes in your daily life. 

We are invested in YOU and YOUR SUCCESS as much as you are. That's why we do what we do. We've been there, done that, and want to walk others through it. We believe in ourselves and our capabilities and know you have the power to embrace the same level of confidence and power in your own. 

When we said we were invested in the well being of your mind and spirit and your bank account, we fucking mean it. 

Ready? GOOD. Let's go. 

Reserve your seat HERE.