Why Lindsay wanted to create the Immersion Experience

What I'm about to say isn't to boast or be exaggerative, it's an accurate depiction of my inbox on a weekly basis:

"Hey, I see how happy you are after ______________ (pick your trauma) and I want to know how you got there. I'm ready to do something, but I don't know what to do."

"What book would you recommend for me? I'm a recovering perfectionist, too."

"Have you ever written or talked about ________ (enter their trauma)? I need guidance. I feel like I'm drowning."

Weekly, and daily during busy weeks, I'm honored to be trusted with people's stories who want to rebuild their lives from whatever burned them to ashes. This fact is a byproduct of pouring out my guts in written form. People trust me because I'm so open about my own failures, traumas, and difficulties, and it's not uncommon to be drawn to people who are so transparent. You feel like you know them deeply.

When we started InfertileAF, these inquiries ramped up - for both Tia and myself - and we knew there was a platform for this kind of work, but it wasn't:

1. A day-long or two-day conference with hundreds of other people.
2. As easy as one reply to a message.

Sometimes what you really need is a group of people surrounding you who not only understand your trauma but want the same things as you, too. They want to change or grow or redirect themselves. They want better lives, just like you. Sometimes the power of community is so life-changing that the moment you feel that understanding from others, you already feel healed. Maybe even brave to take the next step surrounded by others who get it.

Add in an understanding, empathic voice telling you it's okay to feel whatever you are while also showing you a better way, and I think you can see where I'm going with this:

You have a recipe for a weekend filled with soul food.

The details of the weekend: the coaching and activities and day trip are just added bonuses, but the foundation of this thing is finding and building friendships with people who know why you're stuck and will sit beside you while you're trying to break free from the pain and suffering you've held onto too long.

This is why I wanted to create the Immersion Experience. This is why I know it's going to be powerful. It's bigger than me or my ideas; it's women coming together to lift up one another.

I can't do that in an Instagram reply.

But WE can do that when we're devoting a weekend to our growth.

And that is magic.


Ready? Let's get going together.
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