Why Tia wanted to create the Immersion Experience

It's simple: I know the women who walk with Infertility, just as I do, deserve healing, validation and support. I believe taking this type of mental wellness to a beautiful location only enhances the work we do. I know it's hard to understand life outside of Infertility because once you're submerged in its murky depths, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if you produce children after your trials.

I know this because I was that girl.
I walked that path and I found my way out to a life that is more incredible than before.

Every woman diagnosed with Infertility wants the exact same thing.
That thing is a bigger, better life than the one they are currently living.
And every single woman needs support along the way, especially when they get stuck.

We are that support.

My credentials are methodology are unorthodox.  I don't have thick paperback lesson-plans filled with how-to's and agendas.

What I do have is an extensive amount of tried and true life lessons that carried me through six years of some of the toughest, most heartbreaking seasons of life, and the gritty tenacity to dive into the intense mental work it required to climb my way out and over the shit storm of infertility.

To me, beating infertility means I choose not to let one facet of life define me in a way that demoralizes my mental health. It means I choose not to let others affect my feelings in a negative way when they question my effort. It means I am able to educate, empathize and thrive from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.

I did it. You can too.

Every so often during the IVF years, in between the delicate dance of early morning appointments, strict shot schedules and everyday demands of home and work, there was chat about the idea of a girl's trip.

A chance to get away and reconnect with other women who were exactly like me.
Strung out and looking for a reset. We would get inspired, but the event never came to fruition.

Armed with the drive to move from talking the talk, to walking the walk, Lindsay and I got to work, hashing out the details of this three day oasis.

The Immersion Experience is far different than our Chicago summit. Our annual summit is an opportunity to get everyone together. A chance to start talking, openly, and without judgment about all the stuff that only infertiles and those that walk with us really want to talk about. We believe it is necessary to highlight the everyday women and men who choose to find courage and strength in connection by using their voice for good.

But then, we thought, what if we took our connection and life perspective a step further. What if we dove deeper with those that really wanted more out of life with infertility? What if we created something fully immersive that tapped into our mind, body and soul?

The beauty of what we are choosing to create is that, not only is it an opportunity to get away, unwind, reconnect and relax, but an inclusive opportunity to take it a step further to ensure each attendee walks away with complete confidence that they are capable of taking on the next chapter of life.

I wanted an exclusive opportunity beyond the quick messages on social media, to allow like-minded women a chance to pick my brain about how they could go about accepting their infertility and move forward in peace with their diagnosis whether it yields children or not.

The whole point is to show you it is perfectly okay to accept the hand you've been dealt, so that you can refocus your energy from anxiety and anger to an unlimited future filled with possibility.

The ancillary benefits of this weekend? The pool and the luxury bedding and the chef-prepared meals and natural beauty of Sedona? That's all well and good, but we believe what you take away from a weekend like this is more than the memories of a lavish vacation.

It becomes a launch pad to reveal just how badass we really are, before infertility took over our lives.

The best part? Every single beautiful attendee gets our full attention, guidance and support for three whole months after the retreat because we know damn well that it's one thing to get inspired, but quite another to follow-through.

That was hands down the hardest part for me when I chose to stop treatment. Saying "no more" was one thing, but I kept looking in that rear view mirror because the new path I was on was scary and unpaved and new. My brain kept wanting to go back and do all the crap we were doing even though it was detrimental to my well-being and my marriage, because it had become accustomed to it.

The goal after the retreat is to create habits from the lessons learned. Repetition is key and Lindsay and I are fully dedicated to those that committed to us to ensure new beautiful, positive habits are formed and repeated, over and over until the better way of thinking becomes less painful and more normal.

Saying YES to the Immersion Experience is the easy part.
Following through with your commitment is the hard (but completely attainable) part.

What I do know is once you get an idea in your mind, if it keeps coming back, if you want it but are scared, you're tenacious enough to find a way to make it happen.

It's time to dig deep, babes. You're so worth it.

I'm ready. Are you? Grab your seat HERE and we'll see you in September.