Your Immersion Experience Questions Answered

If you have questions about the Immersion Experience, we hope you'll ask. We know there are many people who have questions but have yet to reach out, for one reason or another. This morning we received this email from a follower. 

Here is her (anonymous) question and our reply.

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Hi:) I am a reproductive acupuncturist and love all you are doing! I am writing to get some clarification on the retreat as I want to forward to some of my patients. Is the retreat intended for anyone, no matter where they are on their path of infertility or intended for those woman who have decided to stop trying and want to refocus to create their ideal life going forward? I have a patient who is really struggling  and it seemed that something like this could really help bring some clarity. 

Thanks a million!

Good morning,

Thank you so much for emailing us! We are so appreciative of every message we receive. 

The Immersion Experience is available and open to ANY woman in ANY season of Infertility.

We specialize in uprooting limiting beliefs associated with our diagnosis and then working with our clients to get them moving toward a better, more fulfilled life path. We believe we provide a well-rounded solution to the mental and emotional issues surrounding Infertility as both myself and Lindsay have very different outcomes from our treatment, yet both thrive in our lives. I, myself, chose to walk away from Infertility as a family of two and have helped "birth" this company and re-imagine my life plan. Lindsay has been invalidated and shunned as the "easy case" with her IVF treatment for finding quick success with her twins. She is also a domestic-violence survivor well versed in trauma-therapy and resiliency.  We both have journeys that are considered taboo yet we choose to live purposeful lives in spite of societal standards. 

As of this morning, the retreat has 12 spots remaining. It is a three-day and three-night women-only experience from Thursday, September 26th through Sunday, September 29th. Included in the stay is immersive coaching and wellness tools and training in both group and two-on-one settings, chef-prepared meals, an evening meditation to set intentions for the weekend, a sunrise yoga session to get our bodies moving and aligned, and a day-trip excursion to Sedona to witness the healing vortexes. The vacation rental itself is new-construction situated on a one-acre plot of land with a large outdoor pool and luxury amenities. We spared no expense to ensure this weekend is memorable and relaxing. 

We are available to answer any other questions that come up or if you would like to put us directly in contact with your client(s) to clarify anything we are happy to do so.
Registration and further details can be using THIS LINK

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We thank you for - as always - showing up for yourself and for us by being here.

We are better together.